AUTUMN/WINTER 2017/18 - MOSCOW FOLK Collection

Macon&Lesquoy goes over to the East ! A little baffled on arrival on Russian soil, we were quickly enthrawled by the « Slavic soul », romantic and dertermined, animated by a profound love for poetry, littérature and dance.
Very much touched by a « folkloric » Russia where multicoloured flowers grow all over the place : amoung the ruins of communist constructions, under the abandoned rockets of the soviet space conquest, on the scarves of the Babouchkas, in the hands of boys and girls going to romantic dates or a family dinner…
A flamboyant Russia, theatrical and gigantic like the Red Square, sparkling like the Kilos of diamonds packed into glass safes. A Russia seised by the external ice, yet scalded by the steam of underground saunas and Vodka.
Also a severe Russia, where liberty doesn’t have the same sense depending on which side of the great Kremlin walls you find yourself. But confronted with cynicism and the brutality which seeps through the latest political developments, we want to beleive, along with the Russians, that it’s not yet the end of utopian dreams. Ecology, culture, politics… are exciting playgrounds for human inguenuity, capable of finding solutions for wellbeing in harmony with nature. The Russian people doesn’t beleive in giving up. Poetry, courage and inventiveness, are both their weapons and ours.
Long live democracy ! Long live utopia ! Long live humour !